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Hardin, MT. Cristopher Pisano watches fireworks in the closest town to the res. While deciding on a spot to view the show family members consider police harassment. Surprisingly the 4th of July is commonly celebrated by the Crow Indians. The crow have a history of working with the American Government and many members of the tribe have served in the military.

Lodge Grass, MT. Gale Three Irons helps run the youth rodeo. Many natives on the reservation are self-described as 'Indian Cowboys.'

Loge Grass, Mt. Boy waits for groceries at the only store in Lodge Grass. Lodge Grass of LG to local youth is nearly 20 miles away from other towns on the Reservation and even further to towns off the reservation with any options in shopping. Prices at the store are above average. The owner of the store attributes higher prices to shipping costs.

Crow Reservation. Bubba Pisano poses for photo in front of mountain. His shirt reads"Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492." The t-shirt shows a historical photo of Natives holding rifles. Bubba travels with his guns in case he may be able to hunt. Later that night the family was able to shoot a deer for food.

Wyola district -Crow reservation. Children jump from truck to truck on a rest break. Their family was on the way back from the Big Horn Mountains. Two member of the family drive matching Chevys.

Lodge Grass, Mt. Convicted of Mansluaghter at 17 Amanda Gardener stands in front of her trailer. During a fight s she stabbed her boyfriend to death. He had been physically abusive. She served 20 months for the Crime. Because she was housed in an all male facility she served 4 months in solitary confinement. The effects of prolonged solitary confinement have been well documented. A week in solitary confinement can lower brain function, affect social relations and can cause hallucinations.The supreme court has declared it cruel and but not unusual punishment. Amanda lives without water in her parents trailer.

Hardin, MT. Terrence Takes Enemy is Claiming "Native Piru". This gang member flashes signs in a gas station. In Crow Agency there have been numerous gangs including teenagers that claim Blood or Crip.

Lodge Grass, MT. Clarence Three Irons ropes a steer at a a Rodeo July 5th.

Lodge Grass, Mt. Dylan Killsnight rides a bicycle down George street from 'up-housings' (Johhny Wilson Acres Housing Projects). He flashes a bottle of whiskey previously hidden under a sweater. The reservation is dry.I n the 1930's tribal members decided to ban alcohol. Possession of any alcohol is an arrest-able offense. Despite the ban, most arrests on the reservation are of people drinking. Along with alcohol many residents abuse prescription pain killers and meth.

Lodge Grass, Mt. An oil-pump over looks I90 and the town . A white family that 'are now millionaires' is rumored to own the pump. The Crow Reservation is resource rich a 2011 Forbes article stated the land on the reservation was rated of a higher quality than land in adjacent counties. Resident Mike Hill claims non-Indians are able to lease land on the reservation cheaper than off it. White owned businesses are common on the reservation including Lodge Grass' only grocery store and many ranches. The pump is near The 4 mile Hooterite Colony. Hooterites are an uncommon Religious sect similar to Dutch Amish. Hooterites live on the reservation and Mike Hill said,"They harvest our berries and sell them back to the Indians"

Lodge Grass, Montana.Violita Fouler (Gun Shows) holds her younger brother. Violita and all 7 of her family members share a two bedroom trailer. This type of housing situation is common and in the 2000 Census the Reservation had a near 30% poverty rate.

Hardin, MT. 2 brother in laws conclude a fist fight with a kiss on the mouth. One brother-in-law has a bloodied lip, the other a busted knuckle from the scuffle. The rowdy playing included many punches to the testicles.

Lodge Grass, MT. In the Johhny Wilson Acres Housing Project meth rests on a Bible. The Bravo family has been up for 2 days. Nearly all the family members use meth , though will deny it.

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